The vine is already in the process of flowering

We have already reached the stage of flowering of the vine and everything points to the fact that this year’s harvest will be excellent!

The vine is the basis of the winemaking process for any winery, since this climbing plant produces as a fruit the grape which, as you know, once fermented is used to make wine.

Therefore the grapevine deserves to be handle with care at every moment and, every single good vine grower, must at all times be aware of the evolution of it, especially in the most delicate phases through which it passes.

One of those phases is the moment of flowering and fruit set that the vine is going through right now and it is, without a doubt, one of the most sensitive periods for the plant, since it is the point at which we apply the only product that we can use in our organic production, sulfur.

This cycle will be extended until the thickness of the fences completely closes the cluster, and we will have to be looking after it all the time to see how the thicknesses is developed and if the flowering is optimal and the setting is perfect.

Once, thanks to the work and dedication of our winegrowers, we successfully overcome this stage (which will last until the months of July and August), the veraison phase will begin, where we will have to concentrate our efforts on controlling the ripening of the grape.

On the other hand, from this moment on, any weather phenomenon could affect the harvest and reduce the quality of it for the next season, so until the harvest, we will have to keep our eyes fixed on the sky and hope that there are weather-related surprises and everything keeps going its course As long as the weather respects the harvest, we are sure that the wines will be a success!

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